Off to St.Anton today

We are going to Austria today, to skii in St Anton!
 And spend New Years Eve there aswell, its going to be veeery fun :)
See you there!


It's snowinggg

I'm in Sweden right now and here is a lot of christmas spirit! :) And now it's starting snowing again..YES!!!



Finally! I'm always waiting every year to be the same day,same month and same year…haha but this was the last year…

Well, like last year,we're going skiing to St Anton for New Year and i'm looking for different snowboard jackets… i think it's funny with differents ones and specially the Vintages ones!!

 I found some VINTAGE RETRO…haha



New sweater from H&M Divided!
Very nice with black jeans,boots and leather jacket…
and of course with this weather(!) with a hat and a scarf as well

Cold morning

It's so cold outside today and I have to run away to do so many things…Brrr
Put on a hat and a fur jacket…


Must have: CHRISTMAS

 Christmas Jumpers  H&M 29,95 €

 HATS H&M 7,95€

 SOCKS OVER THE KNEE Gina Tricot 7,95€
GLOVES Gina Tricot 5,95€

TOUCH by Mango

My lovely sister gave me this loveeely necklace for my Birthday... its tight and a bit high on the neck!
 I love it <3


Christmas dresses

Prices left-right: 69,95 // 74,95 // 69,95 // 43,50 // 51,95 // 54,95

Prices left-right: 44,45 // 30,56 // 52,78 // 48,62 // 36,11 // 46,53